Perla: The All Around Laundry, Face and Body Soap

by Pinay Thinks

I am sensitive to laundry and even dishwashing soap. Most of the time I wear protective gloves when I am doing my laundry or even when washing dishes. There is only one laundry detergent that suits me fine. I love using Perla. It is gentle to my hands. It does not leave my skin dry like harsh detergents do. With Perla I do not need protective gloves on my hands. Perla is an organic based soap that has been in the market for as long as I can remember.

The one thing that is also very effective about Perla is that it removes stains so easily. Blood stains on clothes and underwears are so easily removed with just a few minutes soak and a little handwash. I hope that with the advent of technology Perla will soon come out with a powder detergent for washing machine. I used to see one but they are rarely available now.

And one thing more, it is also good as a body soap. I used it often especially on pimple prone and problematic areas. One day my student asked me the soap I am using for my fine skin. Without batting an eyelash, I proudly replied, “Perla”.

This is not a paid blog by Procter and Gamble Philippines, the distributor of Perla. I am just happy to share my organic lifestyle. As I am writing this now, I am looking at my super smooth hands. They look like Pearls!