Perla: The All Around Laundry, Face and Body Soap

I am sensitive to laundry and even dishwashing soap. Most of the time I wear protective gloves when I am doing my laundry or even when washing dishes. There is only one laundry detergent that suits me fine. I love using Perla. It is gentle to my hands. It does not leave my skin dry like harsh detergents do. With Perla I do not need protective gloves on my hands. Perla is an organic based soap that has been in the market for as long as I can remember.

The one thing that is also very effective about Perla is that it removes stains so easily. Blood stains on clothes and underwears are so easily removed with just a few minutes soak and a little handwash. I hope that with the advent of technology Perla will soon come out with a powder detergent for washing machine. I used to see one but they are rarely available now.

And one thing more, it is also good as a body soap. I used it often especially on pimple prone and problematic areas. One day my student asked me the soap I am using for my fine skin. Without batting an eyelash, I proudly replied, “Perla”.

This is not a paid blog by Procter and Gamble Philippines, the distributor of Perla. I am just happy to share my organic lifestyle. As I am writing this now, I am looking at my super smooth hands. They look like Pearls!

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49 thoughts on “Perla: The All Around Laundry, Face and Body Soap

  1. hello there.

    1) can you share what are the main ingredient of this soap. perhaps you can just capture the other side of the packaging if there’s some information on it.

    2) how much does it cost in Ph ?


  2. Hello a Fish,

    Perla is derived from coconut, where virgin coconut oil is also extracted. That is why it is soft to the skin and has also a whitening effect according to some.

    A pack of perla (4 bars) costs 40.40 philippine pesos in the groceries. one bar is 12.02 pesos.

    thanks for the query. i’m glad to help.

  3. i use perla too for my hand-washed laundry, as a bath soap for me and my dog and as a multipurpose cleanser. it is safe and my skin likes it. i hope it never disappears from the market.

  4. does this really work?… because I already tried all sorts of soap for my pimples but thus is the first time that i will be using perla?… :(

  5. I am currently using perla.. and it is absolutely effective!!! my skin is very sensitive pero dito siya hiyang.. moisturizers lang need.. but it has no side effects… =)

  6. what is the recent market share of perla soap? coz, its our assignment in economics to know their recent market share… thanks

  7. yes effective to base sa aking experience! I used to have a lot of pimples sa mukha pati sa likod ko kaya nirecommend sakin ni mama ito kasi ginagamit niya daw ito mula pa nung college pa siya (51 yrs old na mama ko ngayon). Also yung chemical engineer kong teacher na dating nagtratrabaho sa Perla sabi niya yung mga personnel daw na kasama niya (take note, guys mga kasama niya!) Perla daw ang gamit. Naalala ko yun kaya bumili ako ng bagong bar kanina \(^o ^)

  8. I use Perla soap for my body, it was recommended by my doctor for my atopic dermatitis since perfumed and coloured bath soap makes my skin dry.. because of the colorant and perfume. At first I feel weird using it because I know Perla is a laundry soap, but after I have tried it felt the good result my skin dont itch and dont flakes anymore til now I’m using it. Im using it since 2010

  9. Hi! I’m using Perla soap on my face for almost a month now and I can say that it is really effective. I used to have a lot pimples on my face and I swear to God that I’ve tried almost all the regimens available (even the expensive ones) but it is really Perla which brought back my flawless skin. :)

  10. Hi! I am using Perla as my bath soap for three years now and all of my friends and relatives said that my skin tone lighten (pumuti daw ako), but it is just now that i tried searching reviews for Perla as bath soap. I am glad to read positive feedbacks from this blog! I will continue using Perla (the white one) because i believe it really works for my skin! :)

  11. Hi, i just asked my friend kung baket napaka kinis ng balat nya at kung saan sya nagpapa derma nakakawindang kase from head to toe pantay as in makinis at mapute ang sabi nya “im just using PERLA PAPAYA yung orange tig 13php lang and no need to use lotion” naloka aku yung dove na binibili ko mahiget 40php pero konte lang ang effect, at the same time im using proactiv solution. now titignan ku kung mag wowork tung perla papaya na ito sa skin at mga pimples ko after a month :) btw i enjoy reading all the positive feedback hopefully mag work .

  12. hai good day!
    i can say perla is really effective. . i also using it:) hoping and praying may perla whitening cream na! i’m sure magiging sold out ito!

  13. hai gud afternoon..!!
    don’t worry to ur pimples .. gamitin nio lng ang perla and ponds green yung facial scrub.. hndi ung green na green actually ung pond na green peo light blue ung wrapper nia… un gnagamit ko… kya nawla pimples ko kya nagulat friends ko ksi nawala kaya try na..

  14. Hi! I’ve been using Perla soap (plain) on my face for half a year now and I really got awesome results. :) I used to have a lot of pimples on my face and I have tried a lot of facial soaps (even the most expensive ones) but only Perla did the job! And by the way, I also use Top-gel on my face to moisturize it and to remove my pimple marks from my pimples before. Try it yourself! Cheap yet effective!

  15. me too i got pimples on my face, before nung high school pa ako nagkakapmples ako pero hindi namumula at hindi nag iiwan ng dark spot kumbaga parang hindi dinaanan ang mukha ko ng pimple after mawala ang pimples, UNLIKE now na college na ako nagkakapmples ulit ako sa mukha sa cheeks, at namumula talaga sya, pero may nag suggest sa kin na PERLA daw ang gamitin yung white, alam ko kasi yung nag suggest sakin puno din sya ng pimples noon, pero now, wala na as in wala na, nakita ko pa ang mukha nya personally. Hoping effective din to sa akin.. :D

  16. a caveat: p&g refuses to divulge its list of ingredients for perla (call them and ask yourself), citing it as “proprietary” info. this should concern everyone who uses it, whether as a laundry or body soap, considering the very lax safety standards in the philippines and also proctor and gamble’s extremely poor reputation worldwide regarding its environmental practices and the health implications of its products.

    want a quick and eader-friendly rundown of the problem with conventional/corporate-produced soaps? try this:

  17. Hey guys,

    I started using Perla on my body since November 2012 and I’m still using it. I got lots of compliments from my family about my skin. They said “pumuputi ka ha..”. I dont use any lotion after ako maligo kasi di naman nag-ddry skin ko and I think mas malambot ngayon ang skin ko. Pano pa kaya kung maglalagay ako ng lotion diba?? I can say that it’s really effective to lighten your skin tone. :)

  18. hello grabi ang pimples ko kaya, nag search talaga ako kung anong soap ang pwedi.. acne ang nasa mukha ko halos lahat ng sopa nag ginamait ko pati beauche but, mahal eh, kaya nag hahanap ako ng mas cheaper.. anong mas magandang gamitin sa face? white or yung may papaya?

  19. Base sa mga nabasa ko tungkol sa perla soap. Ito na mula ngayon ang gagamitin ko. Marami narin akong nagamit na soaps dahil sa mga pimples ko. Pero sana ito na talaga ang umepekto sa face ko. Perla white po ang gamit ko :)

  20. omg!! really the best ang perla white.. nawala lahat pimple marks ko in just 2 months i think.. so better use it na din super cheap pa oh dba san kp? daig mo pa nag paderma.. hehe.. love it ..

    • Hopefully will works for me. One of my friend recommend nya sa akin, dahil may acne din ako pimples every month specially time of the month malalaki. So hopefully Effective sya. $1.75 Dito sa California .

  21. Lol. My fabulous gay professor just shared that he has been using Perla for 39 years. I couldn’t believe it at first because I’ve known Perla as a laundry soap my whole life. I was utterly in awe when he did confirm that he is indeed using the white Perla laundry soap as his one and only beauty product! He also shared that he tried using the Papaya variant but he ended up getting rashes. So for those who are asking which is better, I’d say the original white one, especially if you have sensitive skin. And yes, my professor has glowing and fair skin! So kudos to Perla! 🙌

  22. Pero nung gumamit ako ng Perla Soap ung puti parang dumagdag ulit pimples ko pero di ko alam kung nababawasan pero natutuyo ung iba . Sana effective ito sakin , sana walang halong biro ang perla soap.Diyos na ang bahala sakin

  23. I wanna try this tom. I have a lots of pimples on my forehead, It’s started last December 2014. At first konti lang sya, so hindi ko masyado pinansin and hindi kasi talaga ko tigyawatin. But, after mga 2 weeks hindi parin sya natanggal and the worst is mas lalo syang dumami kaya nag worry nako. So, nag start nako mag search na best treatment for pimple may nabasa ko na calamansi daw so I tried to use it but it did’nt works. Pati yung toothpaste & garlic natry ko na rin but nothing has changed. Until may nagsabe sa kin na ‘ I should PERLA ‘ daw nung una I did’nt believe kasi I know na perla is for clothes pero nag search ako about Perla and ang dami kong nabasa sa ibat ibang sites na very effective daw ang perla. So, I decided to try Perla na tomorrow, I hope na effective sya sa kin kagay sa iba. :) I’ll update you guys after a month. Ty guys, Bye.

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