Philippine Media and the Filipino IQ

In the Philippines, a nation that voted for a developmentally-challenged president, what is considered newsworthy is the President himself, attending the grade school graduation of a similarly developmentally-challenged nephew son of manic-depressive/attention-deficit/self-centered gameshow host and charlatan actress. It is not that I am prejudiced against the population leaning on the left of the normal curve. This is a matter of national concern with a broader and profound implication on the state of the country and its position in the world.

This 50 year old president, whose mental age may be 40 years less his chronological age, is obviously fond of his game-console partner and nephew, who’s mental age is about the same as uncle. Uncle has a national reputation for spending an awful lot of time until the wee hours of the morning playing video games oftentimes reporting late to Malacanang and missing several hours of meetings for his wanton satisfaction in the dream and gameland.

His pseudo actress-sister, aptly called hypo-krissy, also dominates the everyday news considered as newsworthy by the media magnates and the viewers alike. These news include her over-publicized separation with first legal husband basketball star, James Yap; her lovelife or the lack of it; her sons this and that; her views on the staged girl-friends of her genderless older brother; her expensive rocks; Victoria Secret underwear; and her contracting foot and mouth disease – a disease that is only found among hoofed animals which has mutated and infected the first human being in the world, Kris Aquino herself, her mouth, feet and brains.

But this nation whose 15 million voters who allegedly put the 50 year old bachelor incapable of establishing and maintaining relationships with the normal population and especially women puts into question the mental and psychological capacity of the very 15 million people who cannot distinguish between what is normal and its opposite, between real and reel, between facts and manipulated news and between competence and the lack of it.

So it must be true that Filipinos generally low IQ relative to neighboring developing Asian countries imperil the general well-being of its population. A study on National IQ’s  based on results of intelligence tests and estimated National IQ’s by Richard Lynn shows the following:  Japan = 105, Hongkong = 107, Singapore = 100, China = 100, South Korea = 106, Malaysia = 92, Thailand = 91 and the Philippines = 86 just two points higher than Iran, Libya, Fiji and Algeria and a notch lower than Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iraq and Jordan. “It was found that national IQs are correlated at 0.757 with real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita 1998. These results are interpreted in terms of a causal model in which population IQs are the major determinant of the wealth and poverty of nations in the contemporary world.” Click link for more details  .

The winner then, in this mind-game are the media networks who wear different hats as patron/client of the Cojuangco-Aquino’s and his election donors both legal and illegal, shamelessly and greedily taking advantage of the palpable incompetence of PEnoy and the 15 million clueless voters. While the rest of the Filipinos are drowning in material and intellectual poverty, PEnoys so called ‘friends’, ‘classmates’ and ‘family’ have accumulated so much profit, that they now virtually own the Philippines and the Filipino’s minds.

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2 thoughts on “Philippine Media and the Filipino IQ

  1. Guess there’s hope from across the sea. My IQ is over two standard deviations above both the supposed average Filipino and Filipino-American (and almost 2 SDs above the average American) according to And no, I’m no where near having the mindset of the oppressed and so yeah, I’m friendly, but no way am I going to let someone else take control of my being. ;)

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